GBInstagram And GBInstagram+ Latest Version 1.60 Apk Download Now


There are tons of features which you can enjoy with the help of GBInstagram. I have seen a lot of users finding it confusing to use the modded application. I will tell you the features of this application and how you can enjoy these features on your phone with the help of GBInstagram.

GBINSTAGRAM+ & GBINSTAGRAM Updated Version 1.60 Android Apk Download 2018

When it comes to modded Instagram, then the best application is GBInstagram which has so many features, and it can do the work of 3 application at the same time.

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  • Ability to upload pictures and videos
  • You can download pictures and videos from the Storey
  • Ability to preview images and play videos in your player without saving them to your device
  • Ability to share / copy image and video links
  • Add several options to change the theme (colors) of the conversations and conversations screen
  • You can copy comments
  • You can translate comments into your own language
  • You can zoom in on your personal photos and photos of publications with long press
  • Fully support the compression of links in the program (publications – comments – inside the conversation)
  • Add option to play audio with video automatically
  • You can copy Bayo (description)
  • You can find out who follows you (Enter the profile of the person you will find the word that follows you if he follows you.
Copy Bio:  

If you love someone’s bio what you do is write that bio somewhere else and then copy and paste that bio in your profile. This is time-consuming, right? You can easily go to your friends profile and tap on your friends bio and it will be copied to your clipboard. You will find this feature amazing. This same feature is available in GBWhatsApp.

Copy Comments: 

Instagram doesn’t allow their users to copy the comments of other users and with the help of GBInstagram you can easily copy your friends comments in just one click and you don’t need to worry about anything. Just tap on your friends comment and that’s it you have successfully copied your friends comment with the help of GBInstagram.

Different Package Name: 

You can install the dual application on your phone and manage it easily in just some clicks without any issues. You might be thinking that this feature is available on the official Instagram but you need to log in with different account again and again. GBInstagram helps the users to easily use 2 accounts from one phone. If you need you can also enjoy the same account from both the application.

Multiple Instagram Account: 

This application is updated to the latest version which allows you to enjoy the updated version of the application. You can run multiple accounts and change the account in just one click. You don’t need two different application to manage your every account. If you want to create the page and post the images then you can enjoy with the help of GBInstagram.


Whenever there is a new modded application released there is one drawback that is the application is never updated. The best part of the GBInstagram is that it is updated and based on the latest version. You don’t need to worry about the updates of the application you can install the updates in just one click. You can bookmark our site and get latest updates in some click.

Download Button on Media:

Downloading the media like Stories, Images, and videos is so simple that you can download it in just one click and you don’t need to worry anything. You need to follow the instructions given in the article above and you can download the media.

Zoom Profile Pictures: 

There is one of the major drawback in Instagram is that you cannot see the profile picture of your friends and you cannot zoom in. You have to download an external application which will help you to download or zoom in the profile picture. GBInstagram helps the users to zoom in and to profile picture within the application so you know the better features of the application.

Notification Counts: 

Notification counts will help the users to know how many notifications you are getting and this feature helps the users to make your taskbar clean, simple and minimal and you don’t need to worry about anything. You will be getting other notifications counts.

No Ban Issues: 

There are hundreds of mods available on Google and there are some issues in every mods and that is you will find issues of getting account ban. The new GBInstagram and GBInstagram Plus has the feature which will help you and your account won’t get banned. You can enjoy running this application on your phone.

Share/Copy Video/Images Url: 

If you want to share the image or videos you can simply send the URL of the particular post. If your friends is having the Instagram then they can open Instagram and they will find the same post without any effort. You can share these links on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and much more.

No Root Required:

If you want to add the download button feature on Instagram then you need to download the Xposed framework on your phone. Then you need to download the modules and add the download feature. This application doesn’t require root. You can install this application on your phone and download the media in just some clicks without root.

Download Stories: 

Instead of taking screenshots GBInstagram allows the users to download the stories and enjoy downloading the latest images of your friends and shock them the way you have downloaded the picture on your phone.


GBInstagram allows the users to theme the application according to your choice. This feature is still in the beta stage but you can enjoy this feature on your phone and without any issues. You can download the themes on your phone and apply it whenever you want. If you are having good knowledge of customization then you can easily theme your Instagram application in just some clicks.
App Name ;- GBInstagram & GBInstagram+
Last Updated ;- 07/12/2018
Android  Requires ;- 4.0+
App Size ;- 43.69 MB
Developer ; Atnfas Hoak
Key feature ; Ability to download Instagram images and videos

 Download Link ;- 

GBInstagram Download

GBInstagram+ Download


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