OGYouTube Latest Version Apk For Android Download Now


OGYouTube3.5 Latest Version Apk For Android Download Now



This application is having too many features this is the reason we have to share the categories. The features of the application which will help you to understand the features of the application in the proper way.

  • Video Downloading: This application has the feature to download the videos on your phone. This video will be available in the internal or the SD card storage. You can choose the settings of the application according to your choice. The best part about video downloading is that this application is quick and downloads the video in good and blazing fast speed.


  • Different Package Name: OGYouTube has the different package name, and this makes this application unique once again. If you have the YouTube application, then you can install this application without deleting the official youtube app, and it won’t clash which is something a unique feature. If you will see most of the modded application is not having such feature available in the app.


  • Audio Downloading: You might have perceived in many movies, and sometimes videos are launched before the MP3 this application comes in the way which helps the users to download the Youtube Audio and save it to your phone. This makes this application a fast and easy one.


  • Play Video in any Resolution: YouTube doesn’t allow the users to switch the video resolution. If you have any old phone, then you can’t change the resolution of the video from 360p to 1080p which is the drawback of the youtube application, but this application is different it helps the users to play and download the video in any resolution in just some clicks.


  • Multiple Video Downloading: Now, sometimes you might have seen the application download the videos one by one this application is different, and it has the feature to download the multiple videos simultaneously. No Waiting time to download any videos just does it everything on the go.


  • Rename video: There are some android applications which is having one of the significant drawbacks, that is the users cannot rename the videos. Just because the application doesn’t ask them to do so and this application is different, and it helps the users to rename the video, and that is a great feature.


  • Background Playing of Video: There is a feature available on the youtube if you want to play the music in the background you need to buy the YouTube Red. This is something available in some of the countries, but this application is different and helps them to play the video in the background. This is one of the great features.


  • Multi-Window Support: If any application mod is built then there are some of the drawbacks in the application such as some of the feature is missing but not with the application. This new OGYouTube is having the feature of the multi-window which is available on the latest Android 7.0 and above. You can play the video simultaneously.


  • No Root Required: There are people afraid that most of the application with so many features would be running in the Rooted Android device. No! This application works on every Android device and without any issues which are really great and makes this application unique from all the application.


  • Subtitle download: There is no application available which helps the users to download the subtitle. This application is different which helps the users to download the subtitle along with the video.

These are some of the unique features of this application. Now, there are some limitations in this application which I will be telling you below.


Download ;- Click Here


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